Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hey 'craphole'!tonight's the F.O.S chinese new year dinner.i cant wait.haha.but there is something i wanted to write.the first is to "S".dont worry babe.i'm here.i'll help you get through this.you dont have to face it all alone.second,i promised that i'll post the rules for you to shop without making the shop assistant's job hard.so here it is:

  1. when the shirt or t-shirt or whatever is on the table for discounts.PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE.dont jumble up the table.we have other things to do rather than cleaning up the mess that you make
  2. PLEASE call us nicely.dont just say "oi!come here!"we're not you're servants
  3. PLEASE,when we say you cannot open it.PLEASE DO NOT OPEN IT!it's hard to put it back in nicely!
  4. when we say nicely you cannot do that.we have a reason for it.we're not trying to make you're shopping time very displeasing.
  5. lastly,remember that if youhave money!dont be rude.you're not the only paying custome
there you go.just remember to follow this rules.you'll find that you're shopping time willbe more enjoyable!

peace out,

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