Saturday, February 6, 2010


Gosh,i'm so tired today.I dont know why but maybe i'm overworking or i often sleep late.Need to get some rest.I'm like a walking zombie!Okay that's lame.everyone knows zombies can walk.But at least it's a good impression.(yeah right!=.=*)hey,here's a story:

at one time this guy met this one girl at cake shop.he was totally dumbstruck whe he saw that pretty girl.he said to himself i have got to know this he pluck up the courage to say hi and ask for her number.she was kind of uncomfortable but she still gave her,basically this guy tried to become good friends with this girl but this girl was holding back so he backed off a little to give this girl a space.then they found out that their friends know each other so they became abit closer.but as this guy slowly gets to know this girl the more he started to fall in love with her.she has the complete package(dont misunderstood this) of what he's looking for in a girl!but sadly!she never responded to this guy's "love"!so he painfully lets her go.the end.

i know its lame but this is just a story i just tought of!cool huh?i should be a writer!a successful one!(haha!perasan lebih!)so that is all for now!see you again 'craphole'!

peace out,

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