Friday, February 19, 2010


im sorry i havent post anything for about a week or so.whatever!ive been busy okay.sheesh!stop nagging.the last time i post i promised that im gonna post something interesting so here it is:

logging,deforestation or whatever it's called as long as you understand guys need to stop it.its making the place we called earth f***ing b*****ds only think of money and economy!what about the f***ing ecosystem!its turning topsy turvy just because of you guys.please stop this!you build another shopping mall or what not.what the f*** for!we already have enough shopping malls and what not.sheesh!whatever.just remember this is a serious matter.

there you go.interesting isnt it?but take it seriously for what i just wrote.not the censored part kids.the awareness part.just think this through!

peace out,

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