Tuesday, April 13, 2010

still about you!

hey there.sorry that i havent update craphole for so long.a lot of things had happened for this long while:

  • i always think of you!
  • F.O.S dinner last saturday night.we ate steamboat buffet the whole night.it was cool.
  • thinking if you're thinking of me like i do
  • the interview for tesl which i blew it off by stammering and lost of words
  • why do i always think of you?
  • still working like a robot!(mind you!i'm a lazy robot)
  • and tonight!i'm still thinking of you!
so thats what happened fo this past few weeks or days or???i forgot.never mind!night yo!to my twin brother,hang on there buddy!it's not the end of the world!we're still here!

peace out,