Tuesday, March 9, 2010

when people are illuminated!

hey there!i dont know why but i am sooo into snow right now.even though i hate the cold but i am sooo into it.i know that the picure above is a mountain(kind of outta topic here!) but i love mountains also.heck,whatever!say,here's something!

when both of the tops collides,sparks are produced.when our world colides,love is produced.but how far is the love that was produced.that only you and god knows!it seems that i am the only one who is feeling the love while you are on another world while i'm still here stuck and never move on.but i found a spaceship that could fly me to anywhere i want.so,i'm flying away to another world where no more worlds would collide with mine.

hahahaha.what the effff!!!hahahaha.time to go.got to get some sleep!

peace out,

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