Monday, March 8, 2010

when darkness starts to creep!

hello citizens of earth.i'm so sorry i havent post for a long time.i have been so busy with work and what not!haih,i'm sorry.i dont have a story right now.but let me tell you,saturday was the worst traffic jam i have ever had.i was stuck for 3 hours at the same was damn frustrating.but whatever.okay here's something that i just feel like writing even though it's crap(this is called craphole by the way!)

i stand alone in the middle of a field covered with snow.everything was white,everything was perfect.except that everything was unreal!i was afraid that it would all go away.eventually it did.the sun came and melted all the snow.all the beautiful white snow.but deep down i know,the sun came for a reason.i was cold no more,instead i was warm,i was the one that felt perfect,not the snow.

there!something that i just thought of!cool huh!woohoo!that's all for now.i'm tired!sleep sleep sleep!

peace out,

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